SUMMER 2022 is already here!

17-05-2022 10:09

In EIC we are organising leisure time activities for children and teenagers from 1 year old in an international environment. For another edition, we are so proud to introduce you the wide range of programmes adaptable to each participant depending on their interests, age and goals: 


Little Camp: leisure time educational programme done exclusively in English for the youngest ones, from 1 to 5 years old. Cooking, arts and crafts, sports, water games, pony riding and more from 100€ per week. Detailed info in the attached document. 


Summer Skills: adaptable and combinable weeks depending on each participant's interests. Judo, magic, personal defense, art and graffiti, STEAM, skating, music and more from 100€ per week. More info regarding all the activities and rates available soon. 


Summer School: 20 hours per week of learning or consolidation of the chosen language:  English, Spanish, Chinese or Catalan. With native teachers. From 150€ per week. 


Chalk & Roll and Summer Push: to reinforce or give a special push on the chosen subject before the 22-23 school year starts. From 150€ per week. 


Extra Programmes in Naturlandia (Andorra): - open air activities and language learning in the middle of the mountains. Ask us for more info regarding available ages, dates and weekly rates. 


For further information and registrations, contact us at or 977 325 620


See you very soon!