Speak 4 languages fluently

From the outset, one of the EIC´s priorities is for students to become fluent in four languages. This means that, from P1 to P5, for example, they are totally immersed in English: rather than studying the language, they live the language. In-depth knowledge of Catalan and Spanish is also a priority, and they are also introduced in primary school.

However, it is not enough to know how to express themselves and communicate fluently in English, Spanish and Catalan. At the Escola Internacional del Camp, we foster the learning of a fourth language: Chinese. In this way, we ensure that students are fluent in the world´s most widely spoken languages. To achieve this, we provide a multicultural and multilingual environment, with families and students from all corners of the world, but, above all, with a large team of highly qualified teachers, with international experience along with native speakers of the different languages taught at the school.

The EIC is accredited as a trainer and examiner by the University of Cambridge.

If you would like more information about the languages used at the EIC, as well as how they are integrated into the daily curriculum, click on this link.

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