Face-to-face Open Day at the EIC

19-07-2021 19:17

The Escola Internacional del Camp has organized a face-to-face open house this Wednesday July 21st. During the school year, the anticovid protocols have been very strict and it has not been possible for many families interested in making a face-to-face visit to attend. Therefore and given the multiple requests for visits that we... read more

The EIC on Onda Cero

The Escola Internacional del Camp has a presence on Onda Cero Radio with short interviews once a month. In “La Ciutat”, a local programme from the Tarragona station broadcast  from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, the General Manager of FEIC, Jaume Vilella, talks about educational continuity during confinement, how the current school year is going,... read more

Parents in school

19-01-2021 14:19

The EIC is relaunching the meetings between staff of the school, the ADEPP team (Special Needs Department), dietician/nutritionist and/or experts in specific areas which are of interest for you. All talks will be focused on aspects of academic or general development of our students. Different topics will be discussed: good use of technology,... read more

Satisfaction and quality surveys

18-01-2021 14:06

Since the end of last year, the EIC has opened a new way of sharing assessment of school initiatives with parents, their impressions and opinions about further potential changes. We aim for continuous improvement and to ensure good understanding of the decisions we are continuously taking in the present uncertain environment.In these talks, the... read more

Red Cross Toys Campaign

17-01-2021 14:22

Last Friday January 15th, we had a visit from the Salou Red Cross, thanking the EIC for its support in the Toys for Children Campaign. 150 children in Salou benefited directly from the generosity of staff and families of the school at Christmas. Those families were all needy and therefore appreciated it a lot. By the way, the EIC... read more

Pedagogical and cultural talks

14-01-2021 13:59

Next week the EIC will open the “EIC Online Forum”, a cycle of pedagogical and cultural talks aimed at the school staff, families, ex-students and older students in the school. The talks will take place online and from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. They will have a flexible format and the specialist speakers will introduce the main topic to lead... read more