08. Do students have to wear a uniform?

08. Do students have to wear a uniform?

Yes, the EIC is committed to the uniform as a tool to foster equity, as a way of ensuring that students focus on what it is they attend school for and to forget about other things, often associated with clothing, that are not part of the values we want to teach them or that distract them from what is really important: being well dressed, wearing comfortable and practical clothes for daily school life.

From P1 to P3, students wear a tracksuit; from P4 to 4th of ESO, students wear the school uniform, and in Baccalaureate they no longer wear a uniform, although they must respect the existing regulations in this regard.

We could say that the multiple combination of garments and the flexibility when it comes to choosing the colours make wearing a uniform less “uniformed”, since the students are free to come up with a combination that best suits their tastes, more in line with their own style, making them more original.

In our opinion, wearing a uniform cuts down on expenses and streamlines the time spent getting ready for school.

To make things even easier, everything needed can be bought in the school shop (whether online or in-store).