17. How do families participate in the life of the school?

17. How do families participate in the life of the school?

In many different ways. As our raison d'être, and according to the philosophy of our pedagogical model, the EIC invites families to feel part of their children’s educational project in different ways, among which we would like to highlight:

A fluid, accessible, open, honest and easy communication, both face-to-face and virtual.

An invitation to direct dialogue with the teaching staff, the tutors, the management and administrative team.

Accessibility to the school: Easy access to the school and being in the same building as your children. With a flexible timetable to drop students off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Parents can access the cafeteria, the library, living and waiting areas, or shop in the shop, etc.

Parents are often invited to open days with their children, to participate and explain their what they do for a living or take part in special activities in the classroom, among other activities, in all years, from P1 to BAT.

Families are also involved in planning school life through the EIC clubs: four clubs, in which parents, in collaboration with the school, carry out activities around:

- Community Services Club

- Health, Science and Technology Club

- Art, Culture and Leisure Club

- Sports Club

These clubs have representatives who meet with the EIC and the FEIC to discuss the school calendar, the shared activities of families and schools, and to organise joint activities for the entire school community, such as the EIC Calçotada and the Patronage Night.

Families can also take part in various extracurricular activities.