Veterans Volleyball Team

04-11-2021 13:38

The EIC veterans volleyball team has already started this season's competition with the priority of enjoying the sport and having fun. After finishing third in the league last year competing against teams of a high level, this mixed, intergenerational and multicultural group of 14 people hope to improve their position this year and continue promoting the EIC name and reach a high position.
This team was founded as a concept launched with the school, to offer activities linking teachers and parents. Volleyball was selected as the main sport and soon there was the chance to set up a team. The first years started with beginners and developing skills. With time, participants were changing and new players from outside the school have to have children in the EIC began to join.
Once we had a stable team, we were able to compete with other veterans, joining the league and competing with other teams in Catalonia, until Covid-19 stopped us. Once regulations allowed and with the support of the school, we were able to pick up where we had left off.
The EIC encourages you to join this team by sending an email to