Tribute to the original team which opened the school

22-06-2022 12:22

The team which opened the EIC 10 years ago, teachers and non-teachers, were recognition by the school for their career and, above all, for the effort and goodwill they invested in the project a decade ago to reach where we are today. It was a heartfelt tribute to thank them.

They are the heroes and heroines who one day believed in the project when it did not yet exist and, between them, along with colleagues who have moved on, took the school year by year to where it is today. They are the base upon which the rest have been entering and leaving, but they have always been here. Surely they have a thousand and one anecdotes to remember, good times and difficult times. They experienced the construction, the opening, the startup, rapid student growth... and now, on top of that, a pandemic!, going from face-to-face to virtual school. For all this we thank:

·      Jasmin Bergadà Gallagher

·      Manel Franquet Adam

·      Maite Garcia Parra

·      Maria del Mar Gispert Fusté

·      Ángeles Martos Martínez

·      Maria Mascaró Nolla

·      Montse Nogués Aymamí

·      Iris Pujol Crespo

·      Artur Sánchez Bosc

·      Alejandra Segura

·      Laia Serra Pedrola

·      Meri Serra Pedrola

·      Jaume Vilella Bach

The former founding director of the EIC, Claudi Fuster, received special mention for being the person who led the school in its early years and contributed his knowledge and wisdom to start the project.

One of the most emotional parts of the act was the recognition of Dr. Ferraté, who relinquishes the Presidency of the Board of Governers to become Honorary President. Mr. Gumà takes over the role of President. During this recognition, the audience gave Dr Ferrat´a standing ovation of more than three minutes, loud and heartfelt as rarely seen. It was a moving event to remember.