The EIC becomes the Socrates Educa International School

22-06-2022 12:33

At Escola Internacional del Camp we have embarked on a new phase of growth which will allow us to gain new skills and take advantage of new opportunities for the benefit of our students, the community and the educational project which we promote. This step towards the future actually comes from afar, but it is beginning to be visualized now with a name change. Starting next year, the EIC will be called Socrates Educa International School and the EIC Foundation will be called Socrates Educa Foundation.

There is growing interest from professionals in the world of education for the school model which we have developed. We are working on possible collaboration, exchanges of experiences, transfer of knowledge and joint projects. But in order to progress in these projects, we must take this new step that will place us mentally and symbolically in the right position.

Socrates Educa proposes a modern, fresh look, capable of responding to the new realities of a world in constant change, with a truly adaptable and flexible model, ideal for schools of a classical nature. Sócrates Educa proposes a new way of being international, respecting cultural diversity and the value of local cultures.

The method is based on firm pillars including multilingualism, knowledge of and respect for other cultures, the appropriate use of new technologies at all times, education in environmental and sustainability issues and solidarity, through the relationship with the social, human and natural environment.

With this project Socrates Educa International School, we will project our successes to share them with the world, creating a dynamic which will position us as a benchmark in the world of education, with the benefits that this will bring directly to the Salou school as the nerve center of the projects (R&D & Innovation Centre and Headquarters), benefits which will translate into extra human resources, more pedagogical resources and increased financial resources.