04. What are the monthly fees?

04. What are the monthly fees?

The EIC school fees vary depending on the student´s age, but are always paid in 10 equal payments throughout the school year.

The fees start at €450/payment in nursery and preschool, and vary increasingly through primary, secondary and baccalaureate, which will also depend on whether they wish to undertake the local BAT diploma (approved by the Government of Catalonia, Spain and PISA), the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma) or the dual BAT + IB diploma. 

The other expenses associated with school life are few and far between, depending on what they want, their age and family profile (large families, special needs, etc.): 

- Material and books (one payment per academic year), excursions (approximately 3 per academic year), end-of-year camps or exchange trips (varies from P1 to BAT). 

- For optional services, with different and flexible rates: transport, canteen, extracurricular activities and reception service. 

Given the diversity in the combination of possibilities, we recommend contacting the school to consult the spending profile associated with each family and the possibilities of obtaining discounts or financial aid.