A very special Night of Patronage

Last Friday 16th June, the Fundació Escola Internacional del Camp (FEIC) celebrated its 5th Night of Patronage, a very special annual charity night in, but in this case, the fifth, it had an added value.

It had been little more than a week since the founder and President of the FEIC, Josep Maria Bach i Voltas, had left us. Because of this, on this occasion, in addition to awarding grants and prizes, participants wanted to remember the architect of our project.

Students and families, teachers and EIC staff, the founding governors, guests, political figures… Everyone enjoyed this 5th edition of the Night of Patronage, the evening of enterntainment and dancing each year to celebrate the Escola Internacional del Camp. This year there was again a successful turnout and attendees took advantage to mix, meet each other and meet families who make up the EIC community.

The night started with several words in memory of Mr Josep Maria Bach i Voltas, who died on 7th June.

The FEIC Vice President, Dr. Gabriel Ferraté, the FEIC General Manager, Jaume Vilella, and the EIC Headteacher, Jonathan Day, talked about FEIC founder in their speeches, followed by a moment of silence.

The Night of Patronage of the FEIC is a charity event that aims to collect funds for scholarships and grants to students, an initiative that is possible thanks to the financial contribution of the participants and also of the sponsoring families and donor companies which collaborate annually in the educational project which is our school.

With respect to awards and grants, Tomas Kamuller Pont was awarded the Beca a l’Excel·lència Joan Gumà, in its 5th year. The Premi Sòcrates Educa en l’àmbit Científic, Tecnològic o Matemàtic was presented to Anna Assens González. The Premi Sòcrates Educa a l’Excel·lència Docent was for Christina Pablo, Primary teacher, and the Premi Sòcrates Educa a l’Excel·lència Docent en l’àmbit Científic, Tecnològic o Matemàtic went to Natalia Linares, also from Primary.

The FEIC scholarships for ESO students, for out-of-school students who want to study in the EIC, will be delivered by the end of July, after analyzing each candidate on a case-by-case basis.

At around 9 pm the official and more formal part of proceedings finished and the social part began: a dinner for a special night. Everything took place in a perfect summer night setting summer night, the EIC Forum.

With this act, the Escola Internacional del Camp ends another school year, the fifth in its history.

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