The EIC promotes fundamental values
  • Equal rights, a sense of responsibility and opportunities for all.
  • Social conscience and self-restraint.
  • Respect for others, authority, property and the environment.
  • Holding strong values while keeping an open mind.
  • Innovation.
  • Democracy and morality.
  • Pacifism and peaceful coexistence.
  • Strong work ethic.
The EIC guides students throughout their educational journey
The EIC academy has its own pastoral care service serving:
  • Tutors and teachers.
  • Students and their families.
The EIC is much more than a school
Apart from providing an excellent education, the EIC academy plays a central role in the community. The students, their families and the local community are brought together by the school, chiefly through the ‘Service-learning’ programme.


The EIC academy also offers scholarships with the aim of promoting:
  • Fair and open access to the school.
  • Equal rights and opportunities.
  • Social cohesion.


The EIC academy also opens its doors to the community, providing:
  • Facilities: sports areas, an auditorium, study and conference rooms and a library, among other resources.
  • Educational services: counselling, language tuition, conferences and summer camp programmes.