Two EIC students, finalists in the Roca Junyent Law Firm Social Responsibility Programme, “The Law and You”

Two students from the Escola Internacional del Camp were among the eight finalists of the Roca Junyent Law Firm Social Responsibility Programme , “The Law and You”, which was held for the sixth time this year.
The programme, aimed at secondary school students (3rd and 4th ESO), consists of numerous sessions in schools where students are explained the civic value of laws and regulations and the importance of compliance with a harmonious and orderly partnership in society. Questions such as "Why do laws exist?", "Why do they have to be respected?", "What are the benefits derived from this respect for the individual and for the entire group of citizens?" are the issues that the Social Responsibility Law project invites students to question.
It is the first year that the EIC has participated in this programme and the piece of work entitled “All for a story” by Laura Belmonte and Montserrat Rodríguez was selected from more than 140 projects. Laura and Montserrat drew up a court case between two friends fighting for copyright, accompanied by a drawing that illustrated the story. Both students explained that they have been writing a book in a shared document since they started secondary school. “We think that a good topic for a law competition would be to develop the idea of who owns the copyright of such a work,” said Laura Belmonte.

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