Summer Programmes start

This Monday 26th June, the EIC Summer Programmes started. Until 28th July, EIC offers programmes for children between 1 and 17 years to learn English while they enjoy different activities. The offer is very varied: programmes of cooking, golf, riding, sailing, science and volleyball, among others. There is also the EIC Summer Camp, 100% in English, divided into Little Camp for children between 1 and 5 years, Summer Camp for students from P5 to Primary, and September Camp, between 1 and 17 years.

Additionally, the EIC Summer School offers two more programmes: the English School, to reinforce English, and the Spanish School, for students who want to improve their Spanish or Catalan. Lastly, the EIC Summer International offers intensive residential stays in England, France and Germany for learning Languages.

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The attached files contain an article about the Escola Internacional del Camp published in "El Vallenc" and "Més Ebre" advertisement. Escola Internacional