Successful turnout for the Extra-curricular Activities Fair at the EIC
On Friday September 15th, the Escola Internacional del Camp held the annual Extra-curricular Activities Fair. The school Entrance Hall was filled with tables where the monitors of the different activities provided information about the range of activities on offer, not only for students of the EIC, but also for participants from outside. Parents and students filled the Fair from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Anyone who wants to join an activity can do so until September 22nd through Alexia if they are students of the EIC or by calling the school on 977 325 620.
The Escola Internacional del Camp offers activities of all kinds, from academic (English, German, Russian ...) to sports (judo, football, volleyball, basketball, skating, swimming ...), through artistic, such as music (guitar, piano, flute, violin), theatre, dance, art and others such as Little Inventors, Little Engineers or First Lego League and others.
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