Successful participation of EIC students in Proves Cangur

We are pleased to report the successful of results of EIC students  in Proves Cangur 2017, organised by the Societat Catalana de les Matemàtiques for students in the upper cycle of Primary (5&6) and all of Secondary. Two Primary 6 students, Maria Arrufat Gorga and Adriana Martínez Pont, were classified in the top 1% of students at their level. Seven more students are among the 5% of students at their level in Catalonia: Andrea Vigo Muñoz (Primary 6), Anna Nikolova (Primary 6), Alma Maldonado García (Primary 6), Aina Roig Vilamajó (ESO 1), Xavi Jofré Molne (ESO 2), Jordi Salvadó (ESO3), Josep Escudé Font (ESO 4) y Alex Keyken (BAT 1). 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the students who participated in this event for the enthusiasm and cooperation shown during the preparation and carrying out of the tests.

Proves Cangur is an event that takes place on the same day in March in 60 different countries. Its main objective is to stimulate and encourage the greatest possible number of students in Mathematics through a fun test, which is not selective. It is a set of questions, 20 in Primary and 30 in Secondary, which vary according to age, increasing in difficulty with five options, for each problem. To answer these questions, students use logic and creativity, look for symmetry and patterns and make connections. The challenges include different areas of Maths such as number, geometry, algebra...


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