Science Week

All EIC students participated from November 13th to 17th in Science Week, one of our five special weeks. Pre School students worked with parents to create new games from the recycling of different materials. Primary students made a collection of cents to raise money to adopt an animal. Primary 3 raised the most and will be responsible choose which animal to adopt.

In Secondary, students reused glass jars creatively. In addition, being the year of Sustainable Tourism (Sustainability is one of the pillars of the EIC), the students worked on ways to be sustainable: recycling, reusing… In ESO, each day of the week had a project: on Monday it was saving electricity, on Tuesday not wasting food, on Wednesday how to save water, on Thursday car sharing and reducing CO2 emissions and on Friday, plastic recycling.

In Secondary, debates on scientific and environmental issues were conducted to raise awareness of the importance of looking after the environment. ESO 4 students, accompanied by their Belgian Exchange partners, presented to teachers and families the results of their project on environmental problems and solutions, also in the context of the year of Sustainable Tourism. Lastly, BAT students invited students from Secondary to participate in experiments on solar energy, nuclear energy, radioactivity and more…

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