Secondary students spent their mornings this week at the beach in Salou to carry out a number of activities that would compliment their classroom learning.

Sports Science/PE teacher, Mr Tobias said of the event, "There were various learning objectives achieved during these days and all of them related to physical activity and science. The main objective was to apply and imprint all the knowledge learners have acquired during the first semester through practice, as well as promoting better behaviours of sustainability.

The events were split into two stages: in the first part the students carried out physical activities (team games, beach sports, etc.) and in the second stage they participated in a science related activity. The common element in all the activities and the main objective of the event was to promote sustainability and the students' awareness of how to act more responsible and think more ecologically.  This was achieved mainly through collecting plastic waste that had been discarded or washed up on the beach.

All this, as always, respecting safety measures and Covid protocols to maintain our center as a Covid free zone.

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Last Friday January 15th, we had a visit from the Salou Red Cross, thanking the EIC for its support in the Toys for Children Campaign. 150 children in Salou benefited directly from the generosity of staff and families of the school at Christmas. Those families were all needy and therefore appreciated it a lot. By the way, the EIC was cited as the most generous in the district,...