Registration open for EIC Extracurricular Activities

The Escola Internacional del Camp has opened registration for Extracurricular Activities for this academic year 2020-2021. Activities will begin on October 5th. Registration is open in Alexia until October 1st.

The activities are divided into six areas:

  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German, Russian and French.
  • Sports: Judo, Volleyball, Futbol, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Figure Skating - Inline Skating (Rollerblade), Horse Riding, Table Tennis, Baseball, Rugby, Chess, Athletics, Orienteering, Tennis (Beginners).
  • Music School: Musical awareness, Music for Beginners, Musical language, Piano, Guitar, Musical Combos.
  • Science and Technology School: Aloha mental arithmetic, Kitsune, Little Inventors, Little Engineers, Typing, Young Makers, Robotics, Science Club, Like Skills.
  • Art School: Theatre, Art, Comic / Manga, Magic, Dance.
  • Others: Classroom for supported study, Chalk & Roll, Debating Club, Hypopressive Gymnastics, Yoga.






For Extracurricular Activities, the same safety and risk prevention measures which are already being applied at school will be followed: hydroalcoholic gel, temperature checks, wearing masks, safety distances while possible and keeping  participants in "bubble groups" always as far as possible.

All  staff will also follow the same protocols applied to the EIC staff as well as taking the relevant tests before the start of the activity at the school.

Refund of costs of activities not consumed, in the event that the school and the health authorities decide to stop them, will follow the following steps:

  • First we will try to continue and catch up whenever possible later during the school year.
  • If not, costs will be refunded to the families in proportion to the hours not cancelled to a value of 75% of the hours corresponding to each activity.


More information:

Tel.: 977 325 620


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