Pere Granados, Mayor of Salou, and Education Officer Julia Gómez, visit the EIC

The Mayor of Salou, Mr Pere Granados, accompanied by the Education Officer Julia Gómez, paid us a visit in November. The General Manager of the Fundació Escola Internacional del Camp, Jaume Vilella, received them in the Forum to exchange views on the start of the new school year.

Me Granados was interested in the operation of the school and its adaptation to the new circumstances. The Education Officer, Mrs Julia Gómez, pointed out that "The Town Council is pleased with the development and adaptation of schools in the town, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic", and thanked the involvement of teachers, who carry out essential work in the training and education of children and young people.

Mr Vilella explained that the school is focusing its efforts on two main areas: on the one hand, transforming the school into a safe haven from Covid-19, guaranteeing that there is no transmission of the virus and, on the other, ensuring that, whatever the circumstances, students and staff do not lose out on educational continuity, thanks to the application of video streaming, if students or teachers have to stay at home. In this way, during the year, they avoid interruptions which would affect academic progress as well as routines, mental health, being active, seeing their classmates and the general life and needs of a student who is growing and needs intellectual stimulation, confirmed Mr Vilella.

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