Open Day

The Escola Internacional del Camp is running three open days this year so that families can find out about our educational model, our school and our day to day life. The first of these days is on Saturday March 7th and is aimed at the parents of Pre School children. On March 28th, the second open day will be held, aimed at Primary, ESO and BAT/IB. Finally, on Saturday May 9th, the last open day will be aimed at all levels, from P1 to Baccalaureate (National and International).


Attendees will have the opportunity to see in situ our school project and how we put it into practice, as well as visiting the facilities. 

The event will last approximately 3 hours during which, after an introductory talk, visitors will be able to visit classrooms where the teachers will offer practical information about the day to day life of the school and where families can clarify their doubts and questions. Students and families who are currently in school also will have the opportunity to express their points of view and answer questions related to our educational model, Socrates Educa, and the pillars of the school based on internationality, new technologies in the classroom, community and sustainability & the environment.


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The attached files contain an article about the Escola Internacional del Camp published in "El Vallenc" and "Més Ebre" advertisement. Escola Internacional