The EIC strives for educational excellence
The Sòcrates Educa model is structured around four main pillars:


1. Internationalisation
  • All students are fluent in English, Catalan and Spanish when they graduate.
  • The learning of a fourth foreign language (either Asian or European) is actively encouraged.
  • The academy is strongly engaged in exchange programmes (for both students and teachers) with other schools across the globe.


2. Mastering technology skills
  • An efficient, permanent and innovative use of emerging technologies is a cornerstone of the EIC academy.
  • Not only as an end in itself, but also as an instrument of:
    • learning
    • relating to other students, teachers, family members and the wider community.




3. Commitment to the community
  • The EIC academy runs the ‘Service-learning’ programme, an educational community initiative, which promotes:
    • Learning and personal development.
    • Helping the wider community.
  • Apart from receiving a high-quality education, students participate in several voluntary activities, which:
    • Enrich their learning.
    • Contribute to the well-being of the community.
  • Through such a scheme, the EIC academy promotes a social conscience, strong work ethic and generosity towards others.


4. Sustainability
  • The values of sustainability and respect for the environment are fundamental to the EIC academy, ranging from the way its buildings are built, to its day-to-day activities:
    • Through the use of several green energy initiatives, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting.
    • Taking a strong sustainability stance allows the EIC academy to promote an educational approach based on self-restraint and responsible consumerism.