Catalan Baccalaureate


What is it?

Post-16 stage of education that follows ESO (compulsory stage of secondary education). It prepares students to access studies at university and/or vocational training programmes.


Why study the Baccalaureate in the EIC?

  • Individual follow-up with close and accessible teachers.

  • Classes in small groups, development of critical thinking and skills for the 21st century.

  • Support in studies and integration by the Psychopedagogical Development Area (ADEPP).

  • Specialized teaching staff  in permanent training.

  • Cultural and linguistic diversity and promotion of Internationalization.

  • Academic guidance and support in the university registration process.


How is it structured?

The student must take a list of common subjects that ensure an interdisciplinary development and the acquisition of academic research skills. Likewise, the student chooses four specific subjects, which lead him towards specific academic profiles. 3 must belong to a specific group (Humanities, Sciences or Technology, being able to choose the fourth one from another group.


Does it allow me to access foreign universities?

The Baccalaureate is recognized in most European Higher Education Institutions and in many others around the world. In addition, our students graduate with the level of English and the intercultural skills needed to adapt to the new educational environment satisfactorily.