The mayor of Salou visits the EIC

The Mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, and the Councillor for education, Julia Gomez, made their annual visit to the school in November to see how the project is progressing. This visit is useful for them to find out news of the EIC in each class and to strengthen the link between the school and the town hall. This time, they were able to see how the youngest children developing the “Mixing Groups” project, they attended a Chinese class with Primary students and they were able to talk with the BAT students, with whom they discussed future university choices and routes after school.


Mr Granados and Ms Gómez saw the uniqueness of our pedagogical model which is for all students, from the youngest ones in Pre School to the oldest ones in BAT/IB. They were also able to see the variety languages in the school, English being one of the main languages, and the future opportunities that the EIC offers to the older ones, the Baccalaureate students, who have the possibility of studying both BAT and IB, and which help their entrance to universities around the world.

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