Learning during confinement

The teachers and staff of the Escola Internacional del Camp responded quickly and, facing the imminent period of confinement and before the students went home on March 12th, they received training to be able to attend school online during this period.

Our system which covers all students from P1 to BAT (also those preparing for Selectivitat and IB exams), has been working with routine and rigour from Day 1. We started by setting up routines, systems and reviewing the curriculum. Now we are already running open classes, teacher-student and groups, and progressing as far as possible to ensure that the students are motivated, organised and have routines, and that the school year is not wasted. On the contrary, this situation is a big opportunity due to the emphasis on tools and resources which are less used in normal school times. We have turned this adversity into an added value and we are working so that students will experience this period of confinement positively as part of their education, which will also benefit their families.


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