How the EIC works during the confinement period

The Escola Internacional del Camp has managed to go from doing face-to-face education to virtual learning from the first day of COVID-19 confinement. The foresight with which we have worked and the great effort from teachers, staff, students and families is paying off. The President of the Escola Internacional del Camp Foundation, Mr. Gabriel Ferratè, explains what this “school in confinement” is like with a letter and a video.

Letter from Mr. Gabriel Ferratè:

Escola Internacional del Camp: the challenge of knowing how to and being capable of overcoming a crisis

The Escola Internacional del Camp is the result of an initiative by the “Civil Society” in the localities of Tarragona, Baix Camp, and Terres de l'Ebre, which, some ten years ago, were aware of the fundamental importance of culture and knowledge for the progress of society, and considered that the key to achieve this challenge was training and teaching.

That is to say, training and teaching open to the diverse needs of a multicultural environment and in a state of permanent and rapid change. As a result of this challenge, the Foundation and the Board of Trustees which created the Escola Internacional del Camp emerged, open from the first day to the ability to adapt its pedagogical, organisational and management models to the changing needs and requirements of an environment which is, as I said above, in permanent change.

At this time, and for reasons and events beyond our control, we are in a unique situation which is difficult to predict, for which our structure and, crucially, the team that manages it, have demonstrated their ability to adapt and to quickly find “virtual” solutions to the “state of confinement” that has been forced on us. It is a fact that we must explicitly acknowledge and thank ...

I would also like to thank you for many messages of recognition, support and encouragement we have received from families of our students, and from many friends and partners.

Honestly, thank you ... We will make it!

Link to the video: 

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