The EIC has brought in additional hygiene, safety and health measures to combat Covid-19

The Escola Internacional del Camp has introduced new hygiene, safety and health measures as reopened, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The school has made a significant investment to keep the entire educational community healthy during the reopening process from June 1st, and also for the next academic year. It also committed to train students and all staff in the specific protocols required, in addition to testing all staff for Coronavirus before reopening to ensure that no EIC employee is a source of infection. At the same time, posters with messages and key information have been put up throughout the building and there is tight control and management of access, entry / delivery and exit of students who are collected by families. In addition access is restricted and  controlled (different entrances for each Key Stage, as well as for teaching staff, non-teaching staff, families and deliveries) and any person (staff, students ...) who enters the school must undergo a temperature check, shoe disinfection and hand washing, as well as wearing an appropriate mask.


Once inside the school, and until leaving, movement is controlled, duly signposted and organized to maintain appropriate safety distances. Staff and students will always have routines for hand cleaning and disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel and our own staff and a specialised company will carry out the  daily cleaning of the premises (during the day and at the end of each day) with specialised and approved disinfection treatments containing ozone. In addition, the school will provide PPE to all staff: masks, protective screens, gowns, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel ... Additionally, classrooms capacity will be limited according to age and shared areas according to the regulations, to guarantee interpersonal distance. Masks are compulsory for students from 6 years of age and for teaching staff, non-teaching staff and any visitor.

Visits are restricted within the framework of what is strictly necessary: tutorials, registration processes, visits for parents interested as part of the admissions process ..., so that everything possible is done electronically and by videoconference. Families may request an appointment to carry out procedures in person   ( or by calling 977 325620).

The school offers our community the best service, within official safety guidelines and in a “covid-free” environment.


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