Balloons for ALS

The Escola Internacional del Camp has started a solidarity campaign in support of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research together with the founder of the Upside Down Challenge, Daniel Rosinnés. Rosinnés was at the school on March 2nd to present his project to Primary 6 and ESO 4 students, promoters of this solidarity campaign in the EIC ( With student donations, we can help fund ALS research.

The EIC took part in campaign took place on Friday, March 12th, when students from P1 to Baccalaureate released balloons which helped us spread our message in support of ALS research. The objective of the event was to give visibility and support to the Upside Down Challenge Foundation to raise more funding for scientific research and effective treatment of this disease.

Helium balloons can travel up to 3,000 km. Our balloons carried one seed each, which, hopefully, can help us repopulate forests, prevent global warming and climate change. They could land in any city or town in France, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy... All of them were linked to a message promoting the campaign. They also carried an email so that whoever finds them can tell us how far they got. All the materials used in the event, such as balloons, string and paper were biodegradable.

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